DeerGirl Coin
DeerGirl's Team
We have a very professional doxxed team who consists of 6 core members and two supplementary members:
Julian Mann (alias DeerGuy) The main dev of DeerGirl, a crypto enthousiast with a background in web development, solidity, python and bash. He's the one made this project a reality. Tg: @Deerguy
Kenshi The main marketing guy, he did all the plan to make DeerGirl chart fly. If you have any questions about marketing he's the right guy. Tg: @Mrwick17
CryptonDre Our AMA guy, he knows the inside out of our DeerGirl project. He also gave us many pointers to make DeerGirl grow more. Tg: @CryptonDre
Our trusted mods:
A very competent moderator on our main telegram group, he's also in charge of Reddit shilling and beta-testing on the website. Tg: @LuckyNuke91
Our second mod and hype maker, beware he will make you sing "you've got to Pump it up" before you know it! Tg: @kallmenelly17
Sebastien L
He's a mod and he likes Deer. That's it!
Our others team members:
Mustafa Γ‡etin
He's in charge of the Turkish tg and a supplementary mod on our main tg. Tg: @regrin83
Kira L
He's in charge of the Arabic tg.
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