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So what’s an NFT?

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a unique digital asset whose ownership is recorded in a blockchain. It can be everything like art to music, games items or even tweets (lmao). They’re usually bought and sold with cryptocurrencies on platforms like Opensea and others.
Capitalization of the NFT market over time. Source: 4irelabs

Where do we stand in the NFT market?

Making an NFT platform on DeerGirl will be our main goal with revamping the website (Website v2 on the roadmap).
Our aim is to integrate the $DEER token with NFTs and thus give it an utility. That means holding $DEER will give you the opportunity to exchange them for exclusive NFTs!
Keep in mind that everything written here is not set in stone as we’re still thinking about new ways to do all these things.
  • We will have 43 NFTs (as there are 43 species of deer in the world) that we’ll release gradually over several seasons.
  • The artwork will be drawn by a pro artist, and we'll have all commercial rights on it (so it means some merch down the road!). The design will be monochrome or in full color.
  • There'll be boxed "sets" of character cards (NFTs). Every character will be named after a species of deer and be part of the "DeerFam".
  • These NFTs sets will be available randomly in "Deer boxes" with various drop rates depending on the rarity of the NFT.
  • Collecting an entire set or certain character will give you rewards like BNB prizes and other things.
  • Each of them will have different rarities (Common / Rare / Epic / Lengendary / Mythic), traits and backstories. The rarity is directly linked to the breed of deer in real life (abundant, scarce or even almost extinct), meaning a very rare breed of deer will be tagged as Mythic.
  • All NFTs will also include games mechanics like HP, INT, LUK, SPD, STR as well as levels for our future P2E game.
  • There will be NFTs airdrops events dedicated to $DEER holders (we already did one on telegram). All of the NFT development will start in Phase 2. As we keep growing, we’ll add more functionalities like NFT farming and its game integration.
All of the NFTs development will start in Phase 2 with commisionning artworks from skilled artists. As we keep growing, we’ll add more functionalities like NFT farming and its game integration.
An example of NFT. Our exclusive Texan DeerGirl (there are only 10 of them in existence).
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So what’s an NFT?
Where do we stand in the NFT market?