DeerGirl Coin
The DeerCheck
As we stated in the introduction our main utility is listing trusted tokens on DeerGirl. To do that we're manually doing various checks to make sure that a particular project complies with our "safety rules".
Here's some of the criteria a token need to match before being listed on DeerGirl:
  1. 1.
    The creator/team of the token must be known in some way (KYC, social media, previous projects...).
  2. 2.
    The project has to propose "something" useful to its investors. It can't just be a meme (even if it's Musk's hamster), moonshot or pump & dump.
  3. 3.
    The contract should be safe (no hidden functions, fake renounce, disable trading...) and the liquidity pool needs to be locked for some time (no 24H doesn't count).
  4. 4.
    The token should be alive (it needs to have some kind of volume).
  5. 5.
    It must have launched on the BSC or ETH blockchain (Polygon will be added soon).
If you think your token match these criteria, just fill in our little form here and let us know about it. After that we'll reach you and ask you to do a shoutout on Twitter/Telegram saying that you applied for a listing on DeerGirl.
Also know that a token listed on DeerGirl isn't listed for life, if down the road your token doesn't match our criteria it could be delisted at any time and without previous notice.
Being listed on DeerGirl also gives you some visibility on our tg and twitter as we're currently making bots that make announcement everytime a new token is added on our website. Also you'll be able to link your profile on the website to the token itself, explaning your motivation, background and others projects to inspire more trust.
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