DeerGirl Coin
DeerGirl was stealth launched and didn't have a presale. Also there are no tokens reserved for the team.
From our initial supply of $DEER tokens (100 Trillions), 50% of them were burned before we launched. So now there is only (50 Trillions) $DEER tokens in circulation.
100% of our liquidity pool on Pancakeswap v2 was locked on DxSale for 3 months initially and will be relocked on Mudra website for 1 year.
On Feb 27, 2022 we increased the liquidity pool by ~10% (Locked on Mudra). Weโ€™ll continuously add some liquidity as needed to give the token more stability and maintain its health as its value increases.
A little summary of the tokenomics:
  • At launch there was a wallet limit of 1% of the supply, we increased it later at 2% and it's still set at 2% now. This was to avoid big whales getting all the supply when itโ€™s still cheap.
  • The tax is set to 10% (Buy & Sell). This is a hard limit set in the contract, we can't make it higher than 20% buy+sell combined. But on rare occasions we did a 0% Buy & 20% Sell for a short time. The tax will go toward marketing, development cost and buybacks.
  • Slippage is set between 12 and 14.
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